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Even not taking part of the story, Lobo ends up appearing in some comic books around. Sometimes he doesn’t appear, but some of his mark is in some corner. Here you can find a truly work of “digging) in several magazines which has some Main Man reference, since the most very expressed until the subtle ones. The pictures list is in an alphabetic order of the titles.

Action Comics #651:

This is only a recall of Clark Kent, remembering the extra-terrestrials threats that he has faced since he found out he was also from another country.

Adventures of Superman #595:

That fallen picture, full of blood, is “Li’l Lobo”, a teenage version of Lobo that has participated of some Young Justice comic books. This story is part of the saga “Our Worlds at War” and reminds the scene taken place in the end of the “Young Justice” #36 magazine.

All Access #1:

This is a piece of the page that reminds the fight between DC Comics and Marvel characters having taken place in the previous issue of this mini-series (in that famous “DC vs. Marvel", in case you can’t remember it).

Batman: Black & White #2:

This drawing is in one of the last panels of one of the magazines “Batman Black & White”, a masterpiece that developed several artists of various stiles drawing the Batman in stories that were schizophrenic many times. Main Man appeared in the story written by Simon Bisley e Neil Gaiman. The story shows Batman and Joker as two simple actors, and Main Man only appears in this panel, indicating the end of the recording.

Bloodwulf #2:

Bloodwulf is a shameless imitation of Lobo “created” by Rob Liefeld and published by Image. He is so cheeky that in the second issue of the character mini-series, they satirized the real Lobo in two moments, presented in the above images.

Captain Atom #57:

The image of Lobo fighting with Captain Marvel is presented in some pages used in the Captain Atom magazine to sum up the events of the “War of the Gods” saga.

Darker Image #1:

The shameless copy named Bloodwulf (see comments in “Bloodwulf” #2) appears again bringing a little image of Lobo. This time, at least, he isn’t satirized, he only appears in this silly image beside.

The Demon #19:

The image beside, actually, isn’t present in any part of the story presented in Etrigan comic book. This is simply a poster that was attached in the magazine for reasons mysterious until today.

The Dragon #2:

In a little comical reference, the green policeman Dragon (from Image publisher), appears carrying easily recognizable bodies, like Lobo and Captain Marvel.

Formerly Known as the Justice League #3:

In the mini-series that “resuscitated” comical Justice League, there is a bill that shows the “Battle of the century" between Lobo and Superman. Or course it's just a joke of Keith Giffen gang.

Goddess #3:

This scene is in the “Goddess” mini-series, of Vertigo. This isn’t Lobo, of course, but the references to him are extremely obvious. Interesting detail: This character (a little tine, because he only appears in that moment) is Brazilian.

Green Lantern #81:

These two images were penciled in the issue that brought the Hal Jordan’s funeral, shortly after the Final Night saga. Only the ones who were attentive managed to notice the presence of Lobo. We don’t know who the crazy person that had invited him was, but, by the second image, we can notice that he, despite having gone, doesn’t care about the ceremony at all.

Hitman #11:

Lobo simply appears walking by the street in front of Hitman’s favorite bar. Absolutely nothing else.

Impulse #77:

Lobo starred in “Our Worlds at War” saga as Li’l Lobo (he had been transformed into a teenage in another saga and joined to the Young Justice until he turned to an adult again). His appearance is just part of a remembrance of Wonder-girl (the one who is missing).

JLA/Avengers #1:

In this story, various DC’s characters appear in the Marvel Universe and vice-versa. In this panel, Lobo’s invasion to the Shi’ar Empire is shown (some Marvel’s ETs). And this is Lobo single appearance in the mini-series.

JLA: Riddle of the Beast:

This is Elseworld (story in an alternative reality) that transports the DC Comics’ characters to a fantastic story in stile of “Lord of the Rings”. Most of DC’s heroes and villains appear in some way. In the case of Lobo, the Luthor Rex’s army soldiers (a villain based on Lex Luthor, of course) are similar to the Czarnian. We can check it in the images above.

JLA Secret Files #1:

In the end of this magazine, there is a drawing in two pages that presents the Justice League’s main villains. For some reason, Lobo is amongst them. The image beside shows a piece of this drawing, with Lobo in the middle.

The Kingdom #2:

This story introduces the idea of “hypetime” in the DC Universe, which isn’t anything less than the possibility of infinite Earths (where did I hear that?) based on alternative realities. In the various “little images” of alternative realities in this page, we can see, right above Superman, Lobo’s daughter that appeared in the Lobo #56 comic book, that brought a story where Darlene dreamed in getting marriage to Main Man and, among other things, he had this daughter.

Kingdom Come #1-2:

These scenes are all from the fabulous “Kingdom Come” mini-series, but probably few people has noticed in all of them because some are in the corners. For those who don’t know the mini-series, it shows all the DC Comics’ characters already in their fifties in an almost chaotic world inhabited by heroes without moral (beautiful, isn’t it?). In one of the images, the artist Alex Ross places a graffiting in the Statue of Liberty where it is written “Lobo wuz here”. In another moment, we see the image of Lobo together with images of other DC Comics heroes (Is Lobo a hero?) decorating the front of a bar. Alex Ross still gave us the gift of the image of a probably retired Lobo drinking a beverage with a green fellow, ho is probably Vril Dox. At last, in a panel that is very close to the last one commented, Lobo and the assumed Vril Dox are stood to listen to what Superman is speaking. These were the only reference to Main Man in the mini-series. If somebody finds another one, it’s enough to tell where it is for me to post here.

The Kingdom: Offspring #1:

These two images bring a little reference to the older version of Lobo that appeared in “Kingdom Come” mini-series, mentioned above. He is at the same bar, calmly, only observing what happens.

Nightwing: Our Worlds at War #1:

That white picture in the sky, in the background, is “Li’l Lobo”, a teenage version of Lobo that has participated of some Young Justice comic books. This story is Nightwing’s that travels over the years to many periods with Oracle. This scene happens in a possible future and is related to a scene of “Young Justice: Our Worlds at War” comic book, in which Young Justice is traveling through time and comes across, for a short instant, to Nightwing and Oracle in a situation similar to that one.

Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC #1:

This scene is in the corner in the “Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC” magazine, a parody of the artist Sérgio Aragonés, of Mad, to the DC Comics’ characters.

Silver Surfer/Superman:

In a battle between Mxyzptlk, of DC Comics, and the Impossible-Man, of Marvel, in the “Silver Surfer/Superman” magazine, the two crazy magicians began to transform in characters of the two publishers. Lobo, of course, couldn’t put aside of the fight.

Underworld Unleashed #2:

This is a small part of “Underworld Unleashed” mini-series, that shows Neron (the devil or something like that), that wished all DC Comics’ characters souls. In Lobo #22 comic book, he tries to catch the Main Man soul. This image beside, that appeared in the main comic book of the mini-series, is a small reference to the meeting.

Young Justice #1 million:

The story of this issue shows Young Justice of 853rd Century. Amongst the statues gallery this one beside is situated. In the beginning, it was thought that it would be a son of Lobo, but after some issues of the teenage heroes’ magazine, Li’l Lobo has emerged (Main Man magically rejuvenated). At last, in the last issue of Young Justice comic book, it was shown this statue is Slobo, the “defective” teenage clone of Lobo (not his statue, but he himself transformed into statue).

Young Justice #34:

The story in which this image appears is in the period when Main Man was transformed into Li’l Lobo and took part of Young Justice. However, these werewolves that appeared in the image beside are only customized of Robin and Li’l Lobo, not being they themselves transformed into a lycanthrope.

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