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Trade paperbacks

Lobo’s Greatest Hits

Content: “Mix” of parts of several stories

Note: This TPB has a specific story: Lobo persecutes a taxi driver that go in a dark hole. Inside the dark hole, he sees several doors and two versions of him (a children and an old man) they explain he should experience again many moments of his life to find the place’s exit. In each door he enters, it’s shown a piece of one of his stories. Even his first appearance in "Omega Men” magazine is present. This magazine doesn’t have any special thing, but it’s interesting for those who want more about Main Man.

Lobo - The Last Czarnian

Content: Lobo (mini-series) #1 – #4

Note: It brings Lobo first mini-series, but unfortunately without the original covers. The final touch is a little better than the national version.

Lobo’s Back’s Back

Content: Lobo’ Back #1 – #4

Note: It’s “Lobo’s Back” mini-series TPB. Final touch very well done. The cover, for instance, is carved where the Main Man picture is. If the page is turned one can see the same Lobo picture, but with his butt showing. P.S.: There is another issue of this bookbinding very similar to that one, but without this special cover. I’m sorry to inform you that it's harder to find this caved cover than the other one.


Slipcase Package

Content: “Lobo: The Last Czarnian” and “Lobo’s Greatest Hits” TPBs, besides the book “The Wisdom of Lobo” — (images below)

Note: EThis package of magazines brings two TPBs (that can be checked above) and the book “The Wisdom of Lobo”. It’s a book with the pages totally in blank, as it is expected.

. . . . . .


Loco vs. Pulverine
Eclipse – July of 1992

Note: This is a completely irrational parody (and a little funny), that shows a fight between Loco and Pulverine (parodies of Lobo and Wolverine that aren't subtle at all). It tell the story of Loco, an interstellar box player (or something like that) who wants to fight with Pulverine (a violent guy, extremely famous, that is gone). Over the magazine parodies of several comics characters are appearing. In the end, Loco and Pulverine kill everybody. In the end, they are visited by their lawyers of all publishers whose characters appeared in the magazine and the story narrator (the main victim of their violence), laugh. Simple, isn’t it? In the last pages of the magazine there is a section of letters (false, obviously).


Image – from February of 1995

Note: Who don’t know a comics character with the following characteristics: Extra-terrestrial, bounty hunter, extremely violent, white-skinned and a face covered with stains. Lobo? No: Bloodwulf, a shameless copy of Main Man presented by the publisher Image (the same as Spawn’s) in a mini-series released in 1995. This “creation” of Rob Liefeld isn't worry in disguising the similarities with Lobo and present himself in his second issue. That’s it exactly. On pages 6 and 13, Main Man appears, being simply tricked. Firstly, he makes his appearance in a space bar, drunk and claiming about life. Na ET explains to Bloodwulf the following about him : “He’s a Czarnian with no purpose. He was separated of his creator and forced to follow the freaks of the business men owners of the money of the Universe. He was used to be Main Man around there, now he’s a little more than a mere shadow. A little degrading, if you wanna know.” A little silly, isn’t it? On page 13, then, Lobo appears being eaten by a weird monster meanwhile he complains about life, saying he was better in his function. Simply, a demonstration of lack of sense, since it is an imitation with the purpose of lower the quality of Lobo. By the way, this Bloodwulf can’t be comparable to Main Man.

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