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Information - curiosities

Get to know some curious facts in Main Man’s life. In the best stile “Did you know?”:

Did you know...
Lobo was born 400 years ago?

As strange as it may seem, it’s true. This data can be found in the DC Comics “Timeline” . All the information of the DC characters births and deaths is in this thing that informs Lobo was born in a lovely Czárnia planet 400 years ago (and that, in his 18, he killed the whole planet).

Did you know...
Main Man has already been lilac and velorpian?

The first time he showed up, in Omega Men magazine, in 1983, he brought a Lobo with purple hair and details and a gay-like dressing, besides affirming his home planet was Velorpia. This without mentioning that his life story was absurdly different: The velorpians, by the fact they multiply themselves instead of dying, have crowded the planet that everybody had disintegrated and just Lobo has survived. Honestly, I prefer his current version not only for the look but also for his own story.

Did you know...
he has already been a member of Justice League?

This is one of the curiosities that may seem very absurd, but it’s the pure truth. The Justice League (in its comical version, in the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties) has passed through a period it urgently needed new members. As Lobo was around there (looking for Big Barda, to kill her) they decided to make him an honorary member of the League. Obviously they didn't know the true intentions of Main Man, although they have found out a little time later. In 2001, when Lobo was still transformed in a teenager, he also was member of Justice League of Aliens, during JLA saga where each member has set their own version of the group: this one was made by Martian Manhunter and Superman, putting together various aliens that were in the Earth that period.

Did you know...
Lobo looks like the Kiss rockers?

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that, but there’s no harm in reminding. Through the image beside (from Kiss comic book, made by Todd McFarlane) you can notice their similarities with Lobo. Originally, Main Man wasn’t made to look like the rockers, but as time passed through his imagine has been improved and today he’s very similar to this group. For sure it wasn’t a coincidence; but it’s always good to remember that, originally, his look wasn’t based in this band.

Did you know...
there are people who think Lobo is Wolverine’s brother?

Calm down. I’m not saying the Marvel’s character also came from planet Czarnia. Actually, this thing of they being “brothers” is one of the legends of the comics world. The thing is: some people say Lobo’s violent personality was developed to make a “parody” of Wolverine, that in the period (eighties) he was much more violent than he is now. Playing with the Wolverine slogan (“he is the best at what he does, but what he does isn’t nice at all”), Main Man began to kill everything he saw in front of him, without any sense or purpose. However, the readers didn't understand this as he was making fun of himself and, besides they enjoyed it, they asked for more stories with Lobo, growing his fame. This is only one of the comics' “legends”, but some facts make us think about it. For instance, this violent personality has arisen in the character second version in the Justice League comic book in his comical phase. This magazine even had a parody of Silver Surfer and Galactus. Another thing: Lobo, in English, is wolf; although wolverine is another carnivorous animal, it may be they had used the Lobo because his name reminded wolf (one of the dialogues in the Justice League magazine is the one from Fire character asking Main Man: "Lobo...like the wolf?”). It may has nothing to do, since there are a lot of people who denies that. But all this may have everything to do, since there are people who confirms that. Besides that, it would be a very interesting coincidence being exactly the Main Man with whom Wolverine has fought in “DC vs. Marvel” saga, isn’t it?

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