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Comics Interview Super Special: Lobo Lives!

Content: Interviews anthology about Lobo.

Notes: This book gathers all the interviews held with scripters, artists and personalities who work or had projects with Lobo. The book was compiled in 1992, in the beginning of the Lobo’s fame boom. Exactly because of that the material is not 100% about Lobo, since the first interviews, with Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer, were held when he was still a secondary character of Omega Men and not even was mentioned. However, a great acquisition for those who want to know better the creative details about the character.

Who’s Who in the DC Universe

Content: Referential Details about Lobo.

Notes: The book, launched in fascicles (file-like) by the DC Comics in 1991, has details of all the characters of the publisher (a “light” precursor of the current Encyclopedia DC). The information about Lobo occupies one page (as all the other characters).


Below there is the list of some Wizard magazines (the most important magazine about DC of the US) in which there are some references about Main Man. The magazines which aren't listed are the ones I have not the chance to check.
P.S.: Some minimal references and not exactly related to Main Man (for instance, the “Batman/Lobo” magazine mentioned in the “Price Guide” of the “Batman Elseworlds”, if you have understood anything) aren’t listed.

Wizard #82 (06/1998) - p.91 (“Basic training”, teaching how to draw muscles using the “mulher-Lobo” (Lobo-woman) from comics “Lobo’s), p126 (“Report card”, talking bad, very bad things about the Lobo monthly comics quality – imagine on the right), p 170 (“Price guide”), p.170 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #85 (09/1998) - p.34 (“Thumbs down”, criticizing the appearance of Justice League in the Lobo comics), p 71 (“10 funniest moments”, putting Lobo’s fighting against Santa Claus as one of the ten funniest moments of the DC), p 164 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #89 (01/1999) - p.32 (news about the “Batman/Lobo” comics), p 62 (interview with Stan Lee, when he praises Main Man), p 173 (“Looking back”, with “Superman : The Man of Steel” cover (news about the Lobo possible cartoon), p.202 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #91 (03/1999) - p.145 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #92 (04/1999) - p.93 (notícia sobre possível desenho animado do Lobo), p.146 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #93 (05/1999) - p.150 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #95 (07/1999) - p.150 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #96 (08/1999) - p.148 (“Price guide”, mostrando a capa de um gibi de Lobo em “UnderCovers”), p.161 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #97 (09/1999) - p.143 (“Price guide”, mostrando a capa de “DC vs. Marvel” #1 em “Big Ones”), p.153 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #99 (11/1999) - p.145 (“Price guide”) — note: Attached to this version the “Flix!” magazine was inserted with a reference of the Lobo’s film development on page 10
Wizard #2000 (12/1999) - p.177 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #100 (01/2000) - p.168 (“Price guide”, showing a Wizard cover never published which brought Lobo in “Unseen Covers”), p 187 (“Price guide”) – note: Attached to this edition was inserted with the poster with all the Wizard covers, with Main Man in the edition 31 and in the edition about DC vs. Marvel (I don’t know the number of this edition)
Wizard #102 (03/2000) - p.152 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #103 (04/2000) - p.152 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #104 (05/2000) - p.46 (“Comic’s funniest moments”, choosing the Lobo against Santa Claus fight as the funniest fight of the DCs), p 145 (“Price guide”), p 167 (“Statue price guide”, in the “Graphitti Designs” topic)
Wizard #105 (06/2000) - p.165 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #106 (07/2000) - p.153 (“Price guide”), p 182 (“Creator Checklist”, with a cover of the “DC vs. Marvel” #1 comics)
Wizard #107 (08/2000) - p.147 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #108 (09/2000) - p.141 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #109 (10/2000) - p.165 (“Price guide”)
Wizard #110 (11/2000) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #111 (12/2000) - p.147 (“Price guide”, showing the cover of “Lobo vs. Santa Claus” in the Christmas “Season’s beating” special topic)
Wizard #112 (01/2001) - p.10 (picture of a card with Lobo in the index), p 194 (“Price guide” about cards, with the same card where the index is)
Wizard #113 (02/2001) - p.163 (“Statue price guide”, in the second column)
Wizard #114 (03/2001) - p.97 (Lobo soft toy)
Wizard #115 (04/2001) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #116 (05/2001) - p.116 ((“Price guide”, showing the cover of “Lobo vs. Santa Claus - again! - in the “Comics’ most absurd deaths”), p 130 (“Price guide”, showing the Main Man TV show in the same topic previously mentioned), p 151 (“Creator Checklist”, in the first column)
Wizard #117 (06/2001) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #118 (07/2001) - p.155 (“Guide to Graded books, in the first column)
Wizard #119 (08/2001) - p.88 (Lobo “Action figure” male doll)
Wizard #120 (09/2001) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #121 (10/2001) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #122 (11/2001) - p.84 (report mentioning the Lobo official site)
Wizard #125 (02/2002) - p.159 (“Statue price guide”, in the fifth column)
Wizard #127 (04/2002) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #128 (05/2002) - p.20 (news about the “DC First” TV show, which includes the meeting between Lobo and Superman)
Wizard #129 (06/2002) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #130 (07/2002) - p.16 (note about the Keith Giffen’s intention, one of the Lobo’s creators, of launching a Main man’s new magazine)
Wizard #131 (08/2002) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #132 (09/2002) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #133 (10/2002) - p.24 (note about Lobo’s return to the TV show “Lobo Unbound”)
Wizard #134 (11/2002) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #135 (12/2002) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #136 (01/2003) - p.176 (“Statue price guide”, in the second column)
Wizard #137 (02/2003) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #138 (03/2003) - NOTHING!!!
Wizard #139 (04/2003) - p.36 (“The B-Sides”, showing that the “hotter” characters of DC are the supporting actors; there is a topic about Lobo, presenting a summary of his features and showing what has happened with him in 2002 and the forecast about the new TV show, “Lobo Unbound”), p.141 (“Ups & Downs”, note about some villains of Marvel return; it ends with a little joke: “Does anybody have the Lobo’s phone number?”)

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