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Images - original art

Known artists are used to make drawings only to have fun or to earn money. Sometimes those drawings become magazines covers or are published in collections, but most of the time they remain unseen. This section brings these scribbles and drafts that famous people of the comics world made with Main Man.

Alex Horley:

The drawings on the right made by the artist of “Lobo Unbound" show a hypothetical fight between Lobo and Dragon (the reptile-faced policeman from Image). The first drawing was made only with pencil. The second one has inks.

Carl Critchlow:

This draft was made by Carl Critchlow, one of the artists who worked on Lobo’s regular comic book Cool for those who got this drawing as a gift.

Dan Brereton:

The picture beside is the study for the cover of the “L.E.G.I.O.N.” #31 magazine, that has a fight between Lobo and Captain Marvel.

Ernie Stiner:

This drawing is a cartoon-like, but even though very interesting.

Fred Harper:

Curious drawing showing a Main Man stile dance, with “dirty” final art made on purpose.

George Pérez:

This painter beside, that has more than two hundred DC Comics and Marvel’s characters, is the final art of the cover of the “JLA/Avengers” crossover third issue, that got together all the characters of both issues that took part of Justice League as well as Avengers. Lobo is close to the middle of the picture. It’s right that this isn't an original art exclusive for Main Man, but... let’s consider! It was George Pérez who has drawn it!

Keith Giffen:

Two drawings of Lobo’s “dead”, Keith Giffen. The second one he made as an “anniversary card” to a friend.

Kevin Nowlan:

This is a drawing that was used as a basis for cover of “DC First : Superman/Lobo” magazine, which has presented the first meeting between Main Man and Big Blue.

Mark J. Tannacore:

This drawing was made with color pastel pencil and has a very interesting stile.

Pat Broderik:

Very cool picture as it was a sort of “negative”. It’s worthy because of the work with the black color.

Phil Noto:

Phil Noto is the artist who has drawn the very good “Beautiful Killer”, among other works of the comics. He has made this drawing, in his very stile, using colored pencil and pen.

Scott Eaton:

An interesting drawing that shows Lobo and a dinosaur. Well... Can anybody think of an extra comment?

Simon Bisley:

This a simple craft of the first and unique Simon Bisley, the most loved artist of the Main Man.

Todd Nauck:

The drafts below were the proposals Todd Nauck made for the Li’l Lobo and do Slobo creation, respectively the teenage Lobo and his defective clone, that took part of Young Justice.

Val Semeiks:

Interesting drawings (one inked and another, no) of the artist Val Semeiks, that has participated of several Main Man comic books.

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