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AHere is the space for everybody to draw your own picture of Lobo and exhibit it to the whole world. OK, I'm exaggerating a little, but its part of the show. As the pictures are coming, I’ll add them here. See the rules on the bottom, to taking part...

These drawings (the first ones of the section!!!) were sent by Mars W., directed from Spain. They are Main Man’s two faces and an American plan of Lobo. Of course you can notice that, but I had to say something...
These drawings show Tiazinha in several situations with Lobo. However the drawing on the left shows a situation with a “female Lobo”. The person who sent these three drawings was Rod, a Main Man’s fan.
The drawing beside doesn’t require further comments, because it shows everything itself. He was sent by the internet user Renato Ribeiro, another Main Man’s fan who likes to draw in his free time.
Another drawing that don’t require explanation. It’s sent directly from Madrid (Spain) by Karolo del PGB. According to the guy, this is a “dibujo de Lobo dánsole al vicio español”.
Another Spanish. This time, a Galego (who lives in Galicia, for those who don’t know). His name is Fabio Regrero, and he has a site with galleries with several artists who have already worked with Lobo, like Bisley, Garrés, Horley and Critchlow.
Nelson Gac has sent this drawing that presents Main Man in an stile like...let’s say...close to naïf.
The drawing beside is a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner, lead singer of the band Death that was died two years ago. The artist is Regis Sydrião and if you don’t have a clue about this band, you can send an e-mail to him asking about it.
This is a Lobo’s “smile” made by Ricardo Diogo and sent by Luis Henrique. Of course Lobo beside don’t exactly open a “smile”, but it could be a good shirt with the slogan “Have an awful day", isn't it? :)

How to send your drawing: Make a drawing with the material you want and scan it (or make it directly in the computer, if you prefer), save in JPG format (in the maximum quality) and send by e-mail. The rest leave with us. But, attention: Send a drawing in the biggest size possible (have as a basis the enlarged size of these drawings), but the file size can’t go over 120 kb!!!

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