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Beyond comics - television

OMain Man has appeared even in cartoons. Precisely in the animated series of Superman and Justice League. In the case of Big Blue cartoon, in which practically appears a “special guest” per cartoon, the episode with Main Man made his first appearance in 1996 and they even commented about a possible realization of the cartoon exclusive of Lobo, but hasn’t been concreted (further details, on the bottom).

Anyway, some animated small films have already been made in Flash, with a more simplified strokes than this one beside, and that can be checked in the downloads section. In the League cartoon, Lobo also appeared in a very funny double episode where tried to replace Superman, that everybody thought he was dead.

Lobo appears in the following Superman’s episodes:

Episode 8 - “The Main Man - part one” see drescription
Episode 11 - “The Main Man - part two”
see description
Episode 36 - “Warrior Queen”
(PS: Here he isn’t a main character after Superman, he is a special participation in the last seconds of the cartoon)

This picture of Lobo you see above is the conventional drawing used in the animated series. In the end of this page, there are some wave files with some sounds of the English version of the cartoon bringing Main Man sentences.

Below, you have some pictures of the series with Lobo and following it, the description of the episodes.

Description of the episodes

“The Main Man - part one”
Lobo appears in the beginning of the episode hunting a weird ET. When he taking the prisoner to the contractor, he is captured by a traction radius, that takes him to the spacecraft Preserver, a guy who “collects” the last species of living beings of the whole universe. He hires Lobo to capture Superman, the last Kryptonian. Main Man goes to the Earth and creates obstacles to Big Blue appear. Both of them get a good-kicking for hours. Event Lois Lane tries to defend Superman when he is down on the floor, but Lobo quickly knocks her over. Main Man, then, goes to the space, for the Boy Scout to follow him. Superman gets on a spacecraft and fights with Lobo again, in the space. Meanwhile, Preserver send a radius and finally captures Big Blue, putting him in a prison in a form of the Krypton atmosphere, including with the red sun that takes the Superman powers off. In the end, when Lobo goes to collect the payment, Preserver captures him too, because it wanted The Last Czarnian. Continues...

“The Main Man - part two”
In the beginning, there is a short appearance of a bounty hunter opponent of Lobo accusing him of having accepted to leave the prisoner of the last episode escape. The scene, then, goes back to the spacecraft Preserver, where Superman manages to escape from the prison and, soon after, he releases Main Man, under the condition of never threaten the Earth. They began to be chased by robots sent by Preserver, besides fight with a monster. In addition to that, the bounty hunters mentioned in the beginning of this episode appear to hunt Main Man soon after he has rescued his prisoner. Lobo goes to the site where there are his motto and the Big Blue’s spacecraft while Superman defeats the bounty hunters after recovering his powers in an environment that pretended to be like the Earth’s yellow sun. Before catching the motto, Lobo personally faces the Preserver, that transforms itself in an enormous monster. The Boy Scout arrives to help Main Man to detonate the animal once and for all. In the end, Lobo delivers the prisoner to the contractant, that makes the liar bounty hunters slaves. Superman, to lodge all the animals Preserver maintained in captivity in its Fortress of Solitude.

The cartoon that would be but has never been

The artist Steven E. Gordon (responsible for the character design of the cartoon “X-Men: Evolution” and for the storyboard of “Shrek 2”) presented in his site www.stevenegordon.com the proposal that developed, together with Boyd Kirkland, for the characters of Lobo’s cartoon, that was filed for an indefinite time by Warner. Below, there are some of the cartoons, that tell, besides Lobo (of course), with supporting actors like Jonas Glim, Billy The Girl (at least it looks like her), Goldstar, Ramona and even Vril Dox. Just click on the cartoons below to view the picture in a higher size.

Sounds of Main Man in the Big Blue cartoon

“Fragger...” - som_lobo01.wav
“I’m gonna kick that big red ‘S’ of yours...” -
“I don’t need you, I’m the Main Man!” -
“...31 flavors of pain...” -
“Oh whoop-de-fraggin’-do” -
“The name’s Lobo” -

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