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NIn Lobo official site (that is no longer available), there was a very simple game, but a little interesting. To give your own opinion, it’s enough to click here to download.

In addition, there is a solitaire game (that one with the cards), that brings the cards with Main Man drawings and of the other characters of his comic books. Click here to download.

ATTENTION: These games were got in site of download as FilePlanet and Download.com, therefore, I’m not responsible for its content.


Many people also created Main Man’s “skins” for some games that allow this device (“skin” is character that replaced what already exists in shot games).
Click in each following “skin”, accordingly to its game: Quake 2, Quake 3, Half-Life e Grand Theft Auto 3*.

* The game GTA’s “skin” was created by Domingo P.A.

ATTENTION: These games were got in site of download as FilePlanet and Download.com, therefore, I’m not responsible for its content.

Fight Game

An Arcade-like fight game for computers has been developed with DC Comics and Marvel’s characters. It isn’t an official game, but a creation of an independent game from the software M.U.G.E.N., a developing platform of fight games 2D (“Street Fighter” e “Marvel vs. Capcom”-like, for example) that allows the usage of characters and pre-existing phases in other games or the creation of their fighters and settings.

The game “DC versus Marvel” project is based on the same named mini-series, that brought fights among characters of the two issues. Amongst the characters that will be in the game, one of the main ones is Lobo. In the current phase of the project, the development of the DC Comics’ characters is being concluded. Lobo, for instance, already has more than nine types of blows and kicks and promises to be an interesting character (especially because of the possibility of getting a revenge of Wolverine)

No date is foreseen for the project conclusion. As soon as the game is available for download, we’ll inform you. Anyway, those who are interesting in getting to know further details or want to follow the game development by your own, just access the site http://dc-vs-marvel.cjb.net.

Video Game

LLobo has also appeared in video game cartridges. His first game was made by Ocean in 1996, for Genesis (Mega Drive) and SNES. The only reference I found about the subject was in the (Brazilian) magazine Wizard number 3, of October, 1996. According to the magazine, the cartridge was considered very bad and, for this reason, the Ocean has released few copies. The picture beside was copied from the magazine, but as soon as I get one of these cartridges I'll bring a more complete and detailed analysis about it.

A new game, this time with a great possibility of being at the same level of Main Man, would be released in 2004 by the production company Kemco, but it was cancelled with no future forecast. It would be an action and adventure game in third person for X-Box and Playstation 2. The purpose of the game was the following: Lobo decides to hunt the most wanted robbers of the universe to earn extra money. From this moment on, he passes through tem different areas, collecting weapons, hunting criminals Among the several weapons, Lobo has knives, chains, pistols, rocket throwers, grenades and, of course, his famous hook. The fights are expected to be bloody, with parts of bodies flying to everywhere. The only thing that I couldn’t understand very well the weird ability Lobo has to transform himself in ghosts, skeletons and mutant animals (I can’t imagine from where they took that). Another interesting point is that Lobo would use his space motto in several moments and even his dolphins to travel. The soundtrack would be based in electric guitars playing trash metal and the head-to-head battles would be expected to be interesting. The only picture available was the cover of the game. Although all the critics that had the chance of seeing images of the game during the E3 said his look was very well elaborated and would create a perfect atmosphere for Main Man violent and sarcastic stile, the game development has been cancelled.

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