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Beyond comics - cards

Below, you can see both sides of each card in which Lobo has already appeared. Usually, on the front side a cartoon related to the theme of the card and on the back, a “production credits". Unfortunately, the "holographic credits" (those that, depending on the light incidence, you can see a different picture) are terrible, but I couldn’t scan them in a better quality.

PS: The list may be incomplete. If you get to know about Lobo’s appearance in other cards collections, please, tell us.

DC Cosmic Card #120 (1992)

NIn this card we have the chance of reading some general information about Lobo (which you can find in the complete profile).

Art: Simon Bisley

Hologram #7 (1993)

Unfortunately, the quality of the picture isn’t very good because it’s a holographic card. But we can have an idea of it. There's no interesting thing to be translated, because Superhero on the right side only says to collect all the 10 holographic cards of this series.

Hologram art: Walt Simonson

DC Cosmic Teams #80 (1993)

Art: Barry Kitson
Ink: Robin Smith

Bloodlines #3 (1993)

This collection is based on the Bloodlines, in which the DC Comics decides to use the year issues of its characters to, against a super powerful villain, make arise many new characters (in the end, 99% of these characters were put aside). Lobo was in charge of dividing the scene with Layla (who, except the eventual appearances as a supporting actor of Main Man’s comic book, has also put aside). The picture on the right is only a part of the one that completes with all the cards (BTW, I have no clue about what it is).

Art: Eddy Newell / Michael A. Barreiro

DC Cosmic Teams Hologram #13 (1993)

Another holographic card that is terrible in a scanned form. Here is a small collection with DC Comics’ “cosmic” characters (just an excuse to sell cards). The only text advertises about the “ultra-realism of the collection’s holograms". I don't know where they saw an ultra-realism on that...

Hologram art: sem informações

DC MasterSeries #62 (1994)

There is no reference to the title of this collection on the card. Anyway, the text includes some basic information about Main Man, as the meaning of his name and a description of his powers.

Art: Dave Devries

DS5 (1994)

Art: Bill Sienkiewicz

Legends ’95 Chrome #45 (1995)

Art: Val Semeiks
Ink: John Dell

Skybox #36 (1995)

Art: Simon Bisley

DC vs. Marvel #23 (1995)

One of the cards of the “DC vs. Marvel” collection, with the meeting of the characters of the two biggest comics publishers in the USA. The text was written by Peter Parker (for those who don’t know, Spider-Man).

Art: Wojtkiewicz
Ink: Ensign

Marvel vs. DC #55 (1995)

Another card of the “DC vs. Marvel” collection. On the back side, there is a text telling about the story and mentions some fights, including the one between Lobo and Wolverine. And that’s it.

Art: Marc Sasso

Marvel vs. DC #65 (1995)

Another card of this collection, this time Lobo appears fighting against Spider-Man’s arch enemy, Venom. The text was written by Clark Kent (Superman, for those who don’t know).

Art: Joe Quesada
Ink: Simon Erich

Hard Hitters #9 (1995)

This is a card about the main DC Comics’ “hunters" The text brings the basic information about Main Man, since it tells about his powers and that he is the last one of his race.

Art: Carl Critchlow

Hard Hitters #18 (1995)

Another card of the collection “Hard Hitters” (see a little above the previous one).

Art: Val Semeiks
Ink: John Dell

Firepower #10 (1996)

This is the data bank of the Oracle (Batman's fellow that has a computer with a lot of information).

Art: J. St. Pierre
Ink: J. Nyberg

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